The Publishing Distribution Platform (PDP)



The Publishing Distribution Platform ( ) developed by IPDA, is a matchmaking tool, that works like a permanent hub for the international publishing community, providing information and connection between Publishers that are looking for distribution services, and Distribution companies (regarding publishing products: books, newspapers, magazines, ebooks, audiobooks...)  that are offering its services in different countries. The main proposal of the project is connect the whole international publishing community in order to make grow business opportunities.


The Publishing Distribution Platform (PDP) allows to PUBLISHERS and DISTRIBUTORS, introduce in the platform its own company information in order to create a company profile useful for search international contacts regarding business and commercial projects. PDP also include a SEARCH TOOL for the selection of PUBLISHERS and DISTRIBUTORS, considering different topics (products, company profile, distribution area…)


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How to become IPDA member?

If you want to become IPDA member, please fullfill the aplication membership that you can download here, and send to the Secretary of the Association by e-mail