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International Digital Distributors Meeting at Readmagine


The Readmagine 24 Conference on Book and Readership Innovation was organized by the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation and IPDA, will be held on 29th, 30th and 31th May 2024 in Madrid, at the GSR Foundation facilities (Casa del Lector - Matadero Madrid).


The public at the meeting are publishing professionals (only by invitation) from different countries and different professional profiles (Publishers, Distributors, Booksellers, Librarians…). For have a general idea of the meeting, you can check the video of the last Readmagine edition (June 2023) and the presentations and activities at https://readmagine.org/


The program of presentations, insights, workshops and networking in Casa del Lector (Madrid). Some topics that we will treat during the Meeting are:

  • A publisher model for the future
  • New digital content business models
  • About educational contents
  • Innovation in the Book Fairs landscape
  • The book market in 2024: Figures and trends
  • Focus Market: Rethinking Brazil
  • Women in publishing innovation
  • Data management challenges for publishers
  • About books discoverability
  • Book eCommerce platforms: An overview
  • and more…

You can access here https://readmagine.org, to all the information about Readmagine, including the presentations of the last Readmagine edition, organized by IPDA in collaboration with the GSR Foundation.

The European Press Distribution Round Table


IPDA, in collaboration with Distripress, is the organizer of the European Press Distribution Round Table, with presence of Associations and Companies in the field of newspapers and magazines distribution from UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Portugal and Spain.


Presentations of the 13th European Press Distribution Round Table (Sevilla, 26 September 2023) are available here

The International Publishing Distribution Forum


The Frankfurter Buchmesse (FBM) and the International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA) organized from 2017 the International Publishing Distribution Forum during the celebration of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the main international event for the Book Industry in the world. The Forum gives international Distributors and Publishers / Content Providers the chance to connect and open new business channels. After a key note and some short introductory remarks on stage we will open the floor for individual talks, networking, and matchmaking in order to promote commercial opportunities between Publishers and Distributors at the international level. Last Forum was celebrated on 11th October, with the presence of more than 120 book professionals from Europe, America and Asia.

The Publishing Distribution Platform (PDP)


The Publishing Distribution Platform ( https://www.publishingdistributionplatform.org/ ) developed by IPDA, is a matchmaking tool, that works like a permanent hub for the international publishing community, providing information and connection between Publishers that are looking for distribution services, and Distribution companies (regarding publishing products: books, newspapers, magazines, ebooks, audiobooks...)  that are offering its services in different countries. The main proposal of the project is connect the whole international publishing community in order to make grow business opportunities.


The Publishing Distribution Platform (PDP) allows to PUBLISHERS and DISTRIBUTORS, introduce in the platform its own company information in order to create a company profile useful for search international contacts regarding business and commercial projects. PDP also include a SEARCH TOOL for the selection of PUBLISHERS and DISTRIBUTORS, considering different topics (products, company profile, distribution area…)

Data on digital consumption and trends in different markets


IPDA have a partnership agreement with the London based company Global Web Index (GWI) www.globalwebindex.net in order to provide free access to the IPDA members to the information and reports that this company produce regarding digital consumption and trends in more than 42 different countries.


Renodo Project


IPDA is developing this collaboration project with the main Spanish Foundation on Innovation about the Book and Readership (Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez) in order to create a  platform for the interaction of the international distribution sector, promote the debate, the interchange of ideas and information, and produce specific contents (white papers, videos, webinars…) about different topics: Rights Management Systems, Digital Formats (ePUB and Html convergence), Smartphones publishing market, IoT projects for the publishing market, dynamic prices in the publishing industry… full information at   https://renodo.org/en/


Digital Consumer Book Barometer


Is an innovative collaborative initiative by e-book distributors, developed by Wischenbart Consulting, with the collaboration of IPDA. The new e-Book Barometer provides an intuitive and easy to read map for the e-book segment, based on precise aggregated sales data and chart driven trend information to publishers, retailers, authors as well as any other stakeholder interested in digital consumer books. Download


Relation with EU institutions regarding the Press Distribution Sector


IPDA is in contact with the EU institutions (European Commission and Parliament) in order to provide information regarding the very hard situation of the press distribution sector in Europe (distribution companies + kiosks / newsagents / Press PoS), for considering this sector in the EU agenda for the next years.


In that sense, IPDA prepares a document with the title “The Press Distribution Network and the Right to the Information by European Citizens: Situation and options for the future” presented on July 2018 at the EU Parliament offices in Brussels. The presentation is available here


Flipboard Magazines


IPDA produce two Flipboard Magazines BOOK DISTRIBUTION and PRESS DISTRIBUTION where you can find international news about Distribution of Print and Digital Books and Press, as part of our information tools.



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