IPDA Projects / Services

The International Digital Distributors Meeting


IPDA organize each year in Madrid, during the first week of June, in collaboration with Readmagine, the International Digital Distributors Meeting, the main international event on distribution of digital contents, with the participation of digital distributors from different countries 


Presentations of #5IDDM (Madrid, 6th and 7th June 2018) are available here


The European Press Distribution Round Table


IPDA, in collaboration with Distripress, is the organizer of the European Press Distribution Round Table, with presence of Associations and Companies in the field of newspapers and magazines distribution from UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Portugal and Spain.


Presentations of the 11th European Press Distribution Round Table (Rome, 2nd October 2018) are available here

The International Publishing Distribution Forum


IPDA is collaborating with the Frankfurt Book Fair on the development of the International Publishing Distribution Forum.


The Forum, is a B2B networking event in order to promote commercial opportunities between Publishers and Distributors at the international level. More than 100 professionals registered at #1IPDF

Platform for commercial opportunities


IPDA is becoming a platform for the interchange of information about products / services which are successful in different markets, in order to put in contact Publishers / Providers with Distributors / Wholesalers / eDistributors around the world. 


if you are a Publisher / Provider interested in promote your products and services and are looking for Distribution companies, please fulfill the format and send to info@ipdaweb.org in order to share this information with the Distribution community.


Data on digital consumption and trends in different markets


IPDA has a partnership agreement with the London based company Global Web Index (GWI) www.globalwebindex.net in order to provide free access to the IPDA members to the information and reports that this company produce regarding digital consumption and trends in 40 different countries.


Renodo Project


IPDA is developing a collaboration project with the main Spanish Foundation on Innovation about the Book and Readership (Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez) in order to create a  platform for the interaction of the international distribution sector, promote the debate, the interchange of ideas and information, and produce specific contents (white papers, videos, webinars…) about different topics:


  • Rights Management Systems
  • Digital Formats (ePUB and Html convergence)
  • Smartphones publishing market 
  • IoT projects for the publishing market  



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How to become IPDA member?

If you want to become IPDA member, please fullfill the aplication membership that you can download here, and send to the Secretary of the Association by e-mail info@ipdaweb.org